Emergency Dentist Appointments in Oakville, ON

Your local Oakville, ON dental office, Jacobs & Associates, is committed to helping each patient maintain their healthiest smile. Our team believes that our dental services can help you achieve optimal oral health, no matter your age or dental history. When you need gentle, same-day emergency dental care in Oakville, call us right away!

We offer urgent care for the following dental emergencies:

Tooth Pain

emergency dentistry patient receiving a digital x-rayYour tooth pain may not be an emergency, but if it's lasted more than a few days without relief, you should make an appointment to see a dentist as soon as possible. Our signature emergency exam includes digital x-rays and a consultation with our dental team to relieve your pain as soon as possible.

Knocked-Out or Broken Teeth

A broken or knocked-out tooth can lead to various dental problems, including infection, swelling, and even loss of teeth. If you or your child has suffered a cracked or knocked-out tooth, don't wait to seek emergency treatment — call us for urgent dental care right away.

Broken Dental Fillings & Crowns

You may need urgent dental care if your crown or filling breaks or comes off, to maintain your healthy, functional smile. To get speedy, effective repair for your broken restoration, schedule an emergency dentist appointment right away.

Facial Swelling

Are you experiencing facial swelling or discomfort? Don't wait to seek urgent dental care! Often, facial swelling can be caused by a bacterial infection or an abscessed tooth. At your emergency dentist appointment, your dentist will examine your teeth, gums, mouth and face to determine a correct diagnosis. Based on our discovery, we'll provide quick, gentle treatment if needed.

Oral Infection

Lingering tooth pain paired with a fever or excess swelling could indicate an oral infection developing within the mouth. You may also experience inflammation of the mouth or gums, sensitivity to cold or hot foods, a bad taste in the mouth, difficulty opening the mouth and painful chewing. Left untreated, an oral infection has the potential to affect your total-body health, so it's important to seek urgent dental care right away!

If you suspect you may have an oral infection, contact us at Jacobs & Associates. We'll schedule you in for a same-day emergency dentist appointment to stop the infection as soon as possible and restore your optimal oral health.

Schedule Your Emergency Dental Care In Oakville, ON

Are you looking for the best emergency dental care near Oakville and beyond? Call Jacobs & Associates today for fast, gentle emergency dentistry!

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