Preventive Care & Dental Cleanings in Oakville, ON

Jacobs & Associates Dental Office is committed to your health and comfort by using the latest technologies, procedures, and equipment, all while providing advanced, customized preventive care to our patients in Oakville, ON and beyond. We believe in preventing oral care problems through proper hygiene and regular checkups.

Professional Teeth Cleanings (Prophylaxis)

preventive dentistry tools sitting on trayRegular teeth cleaning is the first step toward maintaining a healthy smile. Our state-of-the-art tools allow us to quickly and effectively remove plaque and tartar buildup from your teeth, which helps prevent decay from forming in sensitive areas of your mouth. We typically recommend twice-yearly or more frequent deep cleanings depending on the status of your oral health.

For every preventive appointment, we take time to listen to your concerns and expectations, and will take every measure to ensure your comfort!

Night Guards For TMJ Pain

If you grind your teeth (bruxism) while you sleep, it could lead to headaches, TMJ, and uneven tooth wear. Our dentists offer custom-made night guards to help correct this problem and preserve healthy teeth. We're proud to have helped bite-related headache sufferers, advancing treatments that fix bite function problems that cause headaches.

Mouthguards For Athletics

You must protect your smile whether you play basketball, stick football, or softball! One of the best pieces of insurance is a simple athletic mouthguard. We customize our athletic mouthguards to each patient, providing superior teeth protection and even further protection against concussions.

Desensitizing Treatments for Sensitive Teeth

We have an exciting solution if you are sensitive to hot and cold. We can help remove sensitivity with little treatment time. This minimally invasive treatment is excellent for providing fast, effective relief!

Gentle Preventive Care & Dental Cleanings in Oakville, ON

Our teeth cleanings are designed to keep your smile healthy for life! Call Jacobs & Associates today to schedule your dental cleaning or preventive care appointment.

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