Kids Dentist in Oakville, ON

When you’re looking for a dentist for kids near Oakville, you can trust the same team that cares for your smile at Jacobs & Associates!

child getting their teeth worked on in dental chairOur skilled dentists provide gentle, comprehensive dental care to all ages, including the youngest members of the family. Call today to schedule your child’s next appointment at our family-friendly dental office in Oakville, ON.

Your Kids’ Dentist in Oakville

Our comfortable Oakville dentist’s office is designed to make every member of the family feel at home, and our kid-friendly team is well-versed in helping little ones stay calm and relaxed throughout their treatment.

Here are some of our top kids’ dentistry services:

Your Child’s First Dental Visit

At your child’s first dental appointment, our dentists and kid-friendly staff will do everything they can to ensure your little one feels at home. Our team will take comfortable x-rays to gain a complete picture of your child’s oral health.

For every patient, we emphasize easy-to-follow oral health tips and education to help kids properly care for their teeth and gums between appointments. Our kids’ dentistry services are designed to maintain healthy smiles for life!

Checkups and Preventive Care

At Jacobs & Associates, our team follows oral health guidelines established by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists (AAPD), recommending that children are seen for preventive checkups every 6 months. If your child’s dentist discovers cavities or early orthodontic concerns, we may suggest more frequent, targeted visits.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

If a small cavity occurs, our team offers safe, tooth-colored dental fillings to effectively restore your child’s smile in no time.

Tooth Extractions For Kids

Our dentists may recommend a gentle tooth extraction to children suffering from decay or those who are experiencing crowding. Tooth extractions can help ensure your child’s complete health as they continue to grow.

For teens who are experiencing pain in the back of the mouth due to the growth of their third molars, our dentists can provide preventive wisdom tooth extractions.

Ready To Schedule Your Child’s Dental Appointment?

Jacobs & Associates are the family-friendly Oakville dentists you can trust! Call today to schedule your child’s next dental appointment.

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